Ok, so I am kind of a theatre nerd! I love the atmosphere, the fact that you can interact with the actors, if a catchy song plays sometimes you can sing, stand up and even dance! It is family place. The main reason is to escape to a different world and forget about your own problems and focus on something else for a while. It’s a different feeling that you get from just watching a film. I admire the actors themselves and how they can create these characters, take us on a journey and how you feel involved.
   When my friend Benjamin recommended my photography to our Taunton Brewhouse theatre – I was thrilled! I was given the opportunity to take photos during three plays and I gained new experiences, met nice people and I even saw backstage of the theatre. How exiting is that!
   It is the perfect place to meet with family and friends, enjoy a show or an exhibition or even just to have a coffee or wine! I have checked their upcoming events and found many interesting shows that I can enjoy alone and others I can take my children along to and share the joy with them also.
   Below is a small gallery from the days when I was taking pictures. I enjoy each of these performances!


Romeo & Juliet.


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